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Sleep your way to perfect skin! Many of us do not know the positive or negative effects sleep can have on your skin. Yes, there is a right way to sleep at night for good skin and it is make or break.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting a good night allows your body to rest and recoup. While you are in deep sleep your body is working to rejuvenate your cells including your skin! This means getting your full 8 is of high importance when it comes to perfect skin.

Oil Up

To get the most of your nightly skincare, make sure to apply an oil, this helps lock in all active ingredients which take effect on your skin while you are fast asleep. Applying our Nature's SUPER OIL will not only do this but is also packed full of rich omega 3-6-9 and antioxidants which deeply hydrate, protect against dryness, nourish and calm the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin blemished and noticeably improve elasticity, firmness, and smoothness.

Cut The Caffeine

Caffeine products such as coffee, tea, energy, and soft drinks are all diuretics which means they will make you need to visit the toilet more often and can lead to dehydration. We recommend cutting out or avoiding excesses of caffeine, this may also help you get your beauty sleep.

Don't Sleep In Makeup

A huge no-no when it comes to perfect skin is sleeping in the days or evening makeup. This will absorb into your skin along with built-up dirt and grime and clog your pores causing breakouts, uneven and dull skin. Double cleansing morning and night is the best way to avoid this and effectively remove all excess makeup.

Change Your Sheets

Sheets and pillowcases can house not so nice bacteria that is not a friend to skin. It can cause breakouts or irritation not only on your face but the entire body. We recommend changing your sheets weekly if not more frequently to encourage a fresh and healthy complexion.

Swap Sides

Sleeping on the one side night after night can result in lines and creases in the skin. We recommend changing the way you lay at night to reduce the likely hood of developing lines and creases, better yet sleeping on your back will stop this all together.

Lip Balm

While we sleep our lips can dry and as a result become cracked and irritated throughout the day. To stop this from happening apply a lip balm before hitting the hay and wake to plump, hydrated lips.

Clean Hair

We all know the feeling of oily, dirty hair but did you know it can transfer onto the skin. While we sleep our hair rubs onto the pillow and so does our face and skin, if your hair is unclean the dirt can easily transfer onto your skin. To stop this from happening wear hair off the face while you sleep and make sure you are regularly washing your hair and keeping it clean.

Drink Water

A large glass of water before bed can help keep you hydrated while you sleep, we preach hydration for good skin and this includes staying hydrated when you rest. This also means if you wake up during the night thirsty, don't go back to sleep because it is too much effort to get a glass of water. Your body is waking you up for a reason.

Let us know in the comment section any tips & tricks you use to achieve perfect skin!

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