We’re all aware of the importance of looking after our faces and building an effective skincare routine, but we often forget about looking after our bodies. 

The skin is the body’s largest organ, so it’s important to build a body skincare routine that will combat dryness and reverse the signs of ageing. Wondering how to start building an effective body skincare routine, but aren't sure where to start? We've compiled out Top 6 Body-Skincare Tips below to help you on your way! 



Many of us hardly ever think about our hands and nails when it comes to skincare, but these areas are extremely susceptible to dryness due to constant washing and drying. This leads the hands and nails to dry out, causing dryness, texture, cracking and bleeding 

Looking for a luxurious hand cream that’s non-greasy, easily absorbed, and supports the skin’s natural barrier integrity with long-lasting moisture benefits? PLUS SPF protection from harmful UVA-UVB rays which cause sunburn and ageing? Look no further! Our Advance SUPERLIFT® Caviar Age-Recovery™ Hand & Nail Renewal Cream $39.95 contains Caviar extracts that will target dryness and repair damaged cuticles so your hands and nails look happy, healthy and hydrated. Its additional SPF content also ensures your hands are protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays.  



Most of us know that exfoliation does wonders for the face, but what about our bodies? Exfoliating the body is great for getting rid of dead skin cells, rough patches and dryness. To achieve the smoothest skin possible, it’s important to exfoliate to unclog pores so when it's time to moisturise, the skin is prepped and ready to accept the hydration.  

If you often find breakouts on your body, this will help unclog the pores and prevent those pesky pimples from popping up. Exfoliation also smooths rough elbows and knees, assists with the prevention of ingrown hairs and reduces the appearance of sun spots.  

Since the body is typically less sensitive than the face, you’re free to dabble in the extensive array of body scrubs available on the market. Many of these scrubs also have moisturising properties and smell delicious! A quick scrub once a week should be enough to keep your skin smooth and radiant!  



The neck is usually the first thing that gives away someone’s age. Many of us take the time to look after our faces and have a solid skincare routine consisting of toners, serums, creams and oils, but often forget about looking after the neck. The skin here is delicate and thinner than the skin on the rest of the body and is missing sebaceous glands that secrete oil and provide moisture, making this area more prone to dryness, crepiness and sagging. 

We Recommend: Advance SUPERLIFT® Neck Lifting & Firming Cream $89



Sunscreen is an essential in skin care, especially for anti-ageing. Don’t keep this limited to your face – protect your body from the sun's harsh UV rays as well! Although it’s important to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, the sun and its ultraviolet rays are a huge contributor to ageing skin, especially with pigmentation, texture and wrinkles. Sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or more will provide the best protection for your skin, so make sure you slip, slop, slap! 



Moisturising the body is one of the most important steps in body care. If you take away one tip from this blog, let it be this! It’s best to moisturise right after you step out of the shower, so your body is clean and ready to take in all that moisture. This will prevent overall dryness, itchiness, irritation and cracking, leaving your skin feeling fresh, dewy, moisturised and smoother than ever before! 

We Recommend: SUPERBODY Crepe Away $79. This is a body lifting moisturiser that quickly penetrates the surface of the skin to deliver immediate hydration and a lifting effect on areas such as the neck, chest, arms and legs. 



You can do more than look after your skin from the outside. Topical treatments can do wonders for the skin and have numerous benefits, but your skin’s health also greatly relies on your internal health. Stick to a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water to maximise your skin's health.

Want to go the extra mile? TRY: Collagen Beauty Elixir $49.95, this natural berry-flavoured supplement utilises the scientifically proven-benefits of Collagen Bio Peptides to support the skin's natural production of collagen and elastin to counteract premature signs of ageing from within. 

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Enjoy reading the tips and find them very helpful

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