New year, new skin, new you! We all have multiple products in our everyday routine, cleanser, exfoliator, serums, day creams, night creams, eye creams and more. The question that is often asked but not often addressed is "How and in what order do we use all of our skincare products". We are going to give you a step by step skincare routine to start the year right! In order: 



Cleansing is the most important step in your skincare routine. Cleansing allows you to break down any dirt, germs, and makeup that may be clogging your pores and causing dry, congested and impure skin. A morning cleanse should consist of the following: Wetting your face either in the shower or by the basin followed with a pea-size amount of cleanser gently rubbed all over you face, neck and décolletage avoiding the eye area, rinse off thoroughly with water and always pat your face dry never rub. We recommend the Dragons Blood Radiance Daily moisturiser for mature skin and the Oxygen-C Brightening Foaming Cleanser for younger skin, suitable for ages 16-35. 

Your evening cleanse should be much the same, however, your skin has faced the elements all day. This is why it's important to double cleanse, the first cleanse rids your face of left-over makeup and grime built up on the skin, the Dermosonic+ Sonic Cleanser & Anit-Ageing Device is a great way to ensure all the nasties are removed from your skin. The second cleanse is where your skin is cleaned and prepared to best absorb your serums, oils, creams, and moisturisers. Again, pat your face dry only, rubbing can irritate your skin and result in unwanted inflammation. The same cleanser is suitable for both morning and night. 



Serums are a great way to boost your skin's all-round health as they contain highly concentrated ingredients and penetrate your freshly washed skin with ease. For morning and night, we would recommend the OXYGEN-C Super Serum, with a hydrating and lifting effect this beauty corrects 8 visible signs of ageing and contains Australia Lime Caviar. Make sure to apply this product evenly to the face and carry the product onto your neck and décolletage avoiding the eye area. 



Your eyes are the window to your soul, so of course, you want them looking their best!

The skin surrounding your eyes is fragile and very different to the rest of your face, by using targeting products that combat fine lines and wrinkles you can also improve the firmness, smoothness, brightness and all-round appearance of your eyes.

We recommend the ADVANCE SUPERLIFT Eye Contouring Serum. Gently massage this onto the area surrounding your eyes. For night something slightly heavier is great to work wonders whilst you sleep. The EYEFIX-360 Multi-Correcting Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment is a must to instantly smooth, moisturise, nourish and brighten your eye area.



 Good skin is soft and plump, this is achieved firstly with moisturised skin. 

You can keep your skin hydrated with a quality moisturiser, which helps to lock in the active ingredients in your serum and eye cream. The DRAGONS BLOOD Radiance Daily Moisturiser is perfect for giving you a radiant glow all day long and the Oxygen-C Brightening Daily Moisturiser with SPF15 helps protect your skin against environmental damage and more. Allow your serum and eye cream to soak in before applying moisturiser. 

At night something slightly heavier is perfect for hydration and repairing your skin as you sleep, the DRAGONS BLOOD Ultra Plumping Night Creams luxurious formula will aid in tightening and firming your skin along with smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.



If you have dry or ageing skin oil may be your saving grace. Oils are great to improve the absorption of products lying under your moisturiser as it creates a barrier from the atmosphere, this is also great for preventing dirt and germs latching onto your skin during the day. The less is more approach applies for your daily routine as oils can weigh down your skin when using too much, at night you can be a little heavier handed. We love the Nature’s SUPER OIL Anti-Ageing Face oil, with an ancient blend of oils containing Omega 3-6-9 and packed full of antioxidants your skin will thank you. 

SPF is another great way to protect your skin and in our opinion is essential for everyday use. Your moisturiser step has this covered with our DRAGONS BLOOD Radiance Daily Moisturiser containing SPF15. We still recommend using a product with higher SPF levels if you are going to be in direct sunlight for a prolonged period.



Hand cream is often forgotten but equally as important as the rest of your routine. As they say, you can tell your age by your hands. Make sure hand cream becomes a step in your morning and night skincare routine. The ADVANCE SUPERLIFT Caviar Age-Recovery Hand & Nail Renewal Cream is the ultimate product featuring Keratin from New Zealand Wool your hands will be soft and supple in no time. 



A face mask is not an everyday product, however, masks are amazing at instant boosts in hydration and giving you a gorgeous glow so they are amazing when used 1-2 times per week or before a special event.

To Detox: Snake Detoxifying Oxygen Bubble Mask. 

To Hydrate: Dragons Blood Hydration Maximiser Mask & Oxygen-C Hydrating Velvet Mask 

To Brighten: Oxygen-C Brightening Bubble Mask 

To Lift: Advance SUPERLIFT 3D Deep Hydration Lifting Masks

To Revive the eye: Total 360 Eye Revive Mask 

To Lift the lower half of the face: Instant Lift V-Shape Vitality Mask

To Exfoliate: Oxygen-C Vitamin C Gentle Exfoliating Mask 

To Sooth: Oxygen-C Vitamin C Soothing Cream Clay Mask

For Radience: Ultimate Radience Diamond Mask 


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Debra. russell
Debra. russell

December 31, 2019

I love your emails with all the great information in them. Also your products are amazing. We have moved to the beach and your online is fantastic. It keeps us up to date when the products arrive into New Zealand as well. I am hooked on your products. Thank you. Debra Russell

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