Instant Lift V-Shape Vitality Mask

1 x Single-Use Mask

  • Marine Biotech Active for Instant V-Lifting Effect (30 min)
  • Edelweiss Flower Plant Cells for Skin Firming & Energising
  • Beauty Fruit Mix for Healthy-Looking Skin

This V-Lift mask contains contour perfecting ingredients (step 1) for a quick lift and strengthening of the lower half of the face.

A revitalising Marine Biotech Active (from deep in the cold ocean) produces an instant lifting effect (30 mins) to help in the V-shape recovery of the face contour.  Another Biotech extract from whole cells of the Edelweiss Flower(from the high Alpine mountains) is the first active shown to visibly tighten sagging skin of the cheek, jawline, chin and neck in just 3 wks.

Finally, a Beauty Health Mix (from the Orient) of Pomegranate, Fig, Mulberry Fruits and Ginkgo Nuts with its rich-antioxidant content has visible benefits with improving skin elasticity and wrinkles for firmer looking skin.


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