Oil and facial oils especially have been taboo in the past due to their love, hate relationship with so many beauties out there! Many think oils can cause acne or breakout and even shiny, oily skin but that is certainly not the case! 


Yes, naturally occurring oils in the skin can sometimes cause breakouts but this is due to the bacteria and sweat present and not so much the oil alone.

A common misconception put to rest! We love oil and oil on the skin just not necessarily the one you naturally produce. No need to worry, these oils are cleared from the skin with a simple and effecting cleansing routine. Our rule of thumb is to cleanse once in the morning and twice at night. By cleansing twice in the evening, you remove any nasty bacteria, dirt, oil (the bad kind) and built up grime from the skin. Then it's time to replenish the skin, your regular night time routine will do most of the year however when it comes to the cooler months our skin is often dry and dull due to the weather change. This is where a facial oil comes in! They can help replenish the skin and offer you that Summer glow even in the Winter. 


Nature's Superoil 

One of the Skin Physics OG's this beauty is packed full of nurturing oils, formulated to soak straight into the skin and be dry to the touch this oil won't sit on your skins surface, it penetrates the surface to offer clear, hydrated and radiant skin. 

This luxurious elixir works its wonders while you sleep without a greasy, shiny or heavy weight feel and is suitable for all skin types.

  • Arctic Seaberry Oil rejuvenates up to 32% while you sleep
  • Cacay Oil naturally rich in anti-ageing Retinol & Vitamin E
  • Australian Sandalwood Oil, for healthy & calm skin
  • Pracaxi Oil for clear & glowing skin with +82% hydration boost

This blend of ancient oils contains the richest natural sources of omega 3-6-9 and super antioxidants as an excellent source for the skin (face, neck, hands, décolletage) to: deeply hydrate, protect against dryness, nourish and calm the skin; reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin blemishes, noticeable improve elasticity, firmness and smoothness of skin.

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3 Responses

Melanie Downey
Melanie Downey

May 25, 2021

Your information is always welcome. I have my favourites of course that I always use but mixing things up in winter is always helpful.

Marion Rex
Marion Rex

May 25, 2021

I always read your informative emails and they help me decide which of your products would be suited to me, am using your face oil and am very happy how my skin absorbs it and how nice my skin feels afterwards.

Maria Pallo
Maria Pallo

May 25, 2021

Thank you for your very useful and informative emails, they are extremely helpful and very much appreciated!

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