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If sheet masks aren’t already a part of your beauty regime then it’s time to get acquainted as this simple skincare product may be just what you’ve been looking for. 

Sheet masks are all the rage, and it’s no surprise. You get all the benefits of a mask and the power, delivery, and potency of a serum in one treatment (plus a few other unforeseen benefits).


Try New Ingredients At Half The Cost

There’s more freedom to experiment with sheet masks.

Unlike standard face masks which are purchased by the jar, sheet masks are usually sold individually allowing for easy testing of different ingredients and formulations on your skin for a lower price point.

If you find an aloe vera sheet mask isn’t giving your skin the brightening effect you want then you can always try a Hyaluronic Acid mask instead.

It’s a versatile skincare product and you’re not locked in to one treatment.   


They’re Time Saving & Convenient

Sheet masks are perfect for people who are time poor, impatient or just don’t like cleaning up their sink after a clay mask.

Unlike clay masks, you don’t need to wash your face after using a sheet mask. The skin boosting goodness soaks into your skin leaving it soft and ready for the rest of your skincare routine.

Sheet masks are also incredibly portable making them great for those on-the-go. They’re sealed in their packet with no threat of leaking and require no clean-up after use.


What Sheet Mask Should You Use For Your Skin?

Sheet masks are used primarily for hydration, however, as their popularity has grown, so has their variety.

When choosing a sheet mask, pinpoint what you’d like to improve in your skin to narrow down your choices and get the most out of your mask experience.

Looking to detox your skin? Try the Snake Detoxifying Oxygen Bubble Mask

This oxygenation and cleansing bubble mask detoxifies with bamboo charcoal and instantly generates Oxygen Bubbles to help tighten and leave your skin feeling refreshed, revitalised and rejuvenated.

Is your skin looking dull? Give it a glowing boost with the Ultra Radiance Diamond Mask

This unique hydrogel mask contains pure synthetic, ultra-fine Diamond Powder which neutralises skin imperfections by producing a soft-focus effect that hides the appearance of wrinkles and shadows to leave a natural, luminous glow.

Are your under eyes needing some love? Sheet masks aren’t just for your entire face. You can give the delicate skin under your eyes the attention it deserves with the Total 360 Eye Revive Mask.

This moisturising & rejuvenating eye mask is also enriched with hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate and Phyto-Collagen plus other anti-aging ingredients which provide a 360-degree rejuvenating solution for reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, dark circles and puffy eye bags.

There really is something for everyone and every skin concern when it comes to sheet masks.


Not Sure Which Sheet Mask To Try First?

When you're spoilt for choice why pick just one? Try a variety of sheet masks to discover a whole new world of pampering for your skin.

We recommend the Deluxe Pamper Starter Pack to try out the best of our range of masks and discover what works best for your skin.

Shop the sheet mask Deluxe Pamper Starter Pack.



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