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Although very simple and seems easy, when someone tells you to lay off those sugary drinks and salty snacks as they may be harming your skin, we hesitate and wonder how. We are going to tell you exactly why bad food equals bad skin and what foods to avoid when striving for your best skin!

Prevent ACNE

Acne is and has been linked to poor diet decisions and habit, hence the emphasis on this during adolescence as hormones and junk food don’t always make the best mix for your skin’s health. Acne can carry on into adulthood and cause small breakouts over and over again, if breakouts are severe or frequent seek medical advice as there may be an underlying issue at the root of the cause.

Sugar, carbs, and dairy are all guilty for increasing insulin levels within the body which causes unhealthy spikes in your blood sugar, as a result, your skin can become inflamed and aggravated, this can often worsen pre-existing hormonal acne and breakouts or create them all together. Our advice for glowing, clear skin is to avoid these foods and make sure you have a good skincare routine.


As much as it pains us to say, many of your salty, guilty pleasures may be the culprit for those fine lines & wrinkles. High levels of sodium can make you dehydrated, foods such as cheeseburgers, fries, processed meat, biscuits and prepackages meals all contain higher than normal levels of sodium.

Don’t cut out foods with sodium all together as they are essential for a healthy functioning body however high levels can damage vital organs including your skin. A dehydrated body leads to dehydrated skin, which reduces elasticity, firmness and hydration retention all leading to fine line and wrinkle development. So, if you are having a cheat meal or simply going out to dinner with friends or family and consuming foods that are salty or high in sodium make sure to drink plenty of water to flush out those added nasties as well as making sure daily consumption is kept to a minimum.


You guessed it, firmness and plumpness are again down to hydration. As much as we love coffee it is not the best fuel for our body when striving for amazing skin. Coffee is a diuretic, this means the more you drink the more you’ll be running off to the bathroom and letting go of fluid, fluid that your body needs to stay plump and healthy, we can combat this by drinking plenty of water to replenish fluids lost when consuming coffee or other caffeinated products along with limiting your daily intake.

Let us know what foods react badly with your skin!

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