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Although life is gradually begging to take back some form of normality, gyms are still closed for now. With all of the at-home workout options available online we want to make sure you are looking after your skin pre and post-exercise. This can be make or break for good, healthy, and glowing skin. Keep reading for our top skincare tips.

Skip the Makeup

Makeup is a big no-no when it comes to exercise. When your body heats up like you do when working out your pores open up and expose your skin. If makeup and dirt are sitting on your skin this can soak into your pores and clog them as a result you may experience a breakout or uneven skin textures all of which we want to avoid. It is all too easy to avoid these skin issues, simply wash off your makeup before working out and apply a light, thin moisturiser that allows your skin and pores to breathe when exercising.

Tie Up Your Hair

Keeping your hair off your face when doing a workout is not only convenient but also great for your skin! Like we said above your skin pores open up when your body heats up, the natural build-up of oil in your hair is not ideal for your skin either. By keeping your hair tied up and away from your face you stop the risk of those oils and grime getting into your skin. A headband is a bonus as this can keep the sweat that comes out of your head glands from dripping onto your face!


Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

We know now more than ever the germs and nasties that live and spread from our hands to our faces. Take this tip into everyday life as well as when your working out, we don't want any germs and grime soaking into those open pores. Our hands transmit much worse than makeup and oil to the face and like we said your skin is especially vulnerable when sweating it out. We don't want to scare anyone away from exercise as it is great to open up those pores and sweat out anything stuck, we just want you to keep anything from going back in. Wash your hands before, after, and wipe them during exercise to minimise any risks.

Pat Dry, Always!

A mistake many of us make when sweating is wiping away sweat. This can rub it deep into your skin and aggravate the skin. Always and I mean always pat your skin dry! It is important to pat away any excess oil and sweat coming out of your skin to keep it clean and clear, but a gentle and firm pat across the face will do wonders, no rubbing necessary.

Cleanse Gently

Cleansing without stripping the skin is another essential step. Pre and post-workout you want to clean away any dirt, grime, makeup, or sweat without removing your skin's natural oils. Our Dragon's Blood 3-in-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser is the perfect option for daily cleansing. This beauty will clean the surface of impurities and nasties and soothe and calm the skin for the perfect base.


With those pores wide open during your workout the key to achieving and maintaining clean, smooth skin is to clean out and close the pores back up. Once you've jumped into the shower and cleansed the skin before you get out, turn the water to cold and let the cool water run over your face, this will help to close those clean pores, cool your body temperature down and keep your skin fresh. Only a few seconds are needed.


A toner is a great way to keep your skin refreshed and feeling hydrated before, during, and after a workout. Our Oxygen-C Hydrating Vitamin C Toner is the perfect addition to any at-home workout. Mist your face whenever you feel like a quick refresh and once you have washed your face after exercise for hydrated, soft, supple, and moist skin.

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