It's the small things in life that count right? The same goes when it comes to your skin. One simple addition to your skincare routine like an extra cleanse or eye cream can make a world of difference to your overall complexion. What you eat is no different! Many of us are on autopilot when it comes to cooking, snacking, and what we consume. Being more conscious of what goes in our mouths and into our stomach can impact greatly on your skin health.

Keep reading for small, simple switches you can make to work towards better skin.

Snack on Nuts

Some of your favourite salty snacks might be causing more harm to your skin than good, starchy potato chips are often high in fat but not the good kind. The processed saturated fats can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Switch with a variety of nuts, these little beauties will help keep you fuller for longer and are an amazing source of good fat that is extremely beneficial for the skin. Walnuts are a favourite when it comes to good skin, containing omega-3 and biotin they can help to reduce inflammation, protect you from the sun and soothe the skin. Another nut worth talking about is Brazil nuts! One of the lesser-known in the family but with big claims when it comes to skin. Brazil nuts contain selenium which promotes elasticity, radiance, and clarity in the skin. To cover all your bases we recommend a mix of nuts including previously mentioned walnuts, Brazil nuts along with almonds and cashews.

Switch up the Oil

Oil is a given when cooking lunch dinner, baking, and sometimes breakfast. Choosing the wrong oil can be detrimental to your skin health. We recommend opting for coconut oil when baking as a butter or vegetable oil substitute. Often coconut oil adds some flavour and pairs great with chocolate goods. It also doesn't breakdown when cooked so you get a great source of fatty acids that help to protect the skin from external damage along with Vitamin F for moisture and hydration retention.


Skip the Sweet Stuff

Refined sugar is an even bigger no no as it can inflame, cause breakouts, and dry out your skin. Unfortunately, this means the likes of cake, cookies, brownies, and ice cream are off the cards but, we do believe in everything in moderation so keep these to an 'every now and then or special occasion food'. Instead, opt for refreshing and delicious fruit, these babies are packed full of amazing vitamins and minerals and can do wonders for your skin. Everyone knows by now how Vitamin C made we are! So naturally, we are big advocates for oranges, they can help support your skincare regime but acting from within. Anti-bacterial properties can help keep your skin clean and clear and the array of vitamins (not only C but A & B) aid in a brighter more vibrant complexion.

White to Whole Grain

One of the simplest and easiest swaps to work your way to better skin is swapping out white bread, pasta, and rice for brown, whole grain alternatives. White versions contain little to no nutritional benefit and do nothing great for your skin, if added sugar is included (usually it is) you can see a spike in sugar levels and unfortunately a possible breakout. On the other hand, we have whole grain options which are equally as delicious, more filling, and offer as it often contains selenium, a variety of vitamins and zinc. The ultimate recipe for gorgeous, glowing skin and better yet carbs! 

Let us know in the comments below any switches you've recently made and have seen a difference in your skin!

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