There is nothing like an indulgent meal, snack or dessert to get you in good spirits.  Not all are made equal but some of the treats you know and love can have a positive impact on your skin. 

Keep reading for our top picks of indulgent food that can improve your skin. 

Red Wine

We love a wine at the end of the week (or day) however the sugar present in a glass of white wine can do some damage to the skins structure and aid in premature ageing.

We recommend switching for a nice glass of red wine to avoid the sugar content and reap the benefits of this antioxidant packed drink. Red wine also has naturally present AHA's and can help to brighten, exfoliate and promote calm, soothed skin. 

Just be sure to go easy as excess alcohol consumption can do the opposite and age skin. 

Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate one of the more well known treats that can benefit your skin (with good reason), this delicious sweet treat is home to Flavonoids  which help fight inflammation both from acne and general puffiness/redness and signs of ageing in the skin.

The antioxidant content of high percentage dark chocolate is amazing to help your body repair dead skin cells and support collagen production which get lost  in the skin as we age. 

So next time you need a little R&R grab a square (or two) of dark chocolate, guilt free! 


Oysters are one of the most indulgent foods on this list but arguably one of the best for your skin. These bite size seafood delicacies are full of collagen, zinc, protein and other vitamins and minerals.

The benefits of collagen have already been talked about above and a given for gorgeous, glowing skin however zinc is one of the most effective minerals to help reduce and prevent acne causing bacteria on the skin. 

An oyster or two could do wonders for your complexion, need any other excuse? 

Manuka Honey 

Manuka honey has been around for centuries but only recently has it been utalised in western culture for its amazing healing properties and health benefits. 

Manuka honey is great at helping the body balence its pH levels which when regulated promotes good skin health. The anit-bacterial properties of this specific type of honey can also be useful as a topical acne treatment.

We recommend a tablespoon of good quality manuka honey, ginger and lemon in a mug of warm water daily. 


Edamame is a favourite in Japanese cuisine, many are unaware of its skin improving properties. Arguably the more luxurious of the bean variety these beauties can be on the pricier side in comparison, with good reason. High in collagen they can help keep your skin plump, firm and wrinkle free. 

Not only are they full of collagen but they are also home to isoflavones which help protect your skin from harmful free radical and UV damage known to break down skin cells and age the skin. 


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Norma Malone
Norma Malone

October 20, 2020

A delish way to look glowing

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