Your diet plays a huge role in determining your skin's health, a good skin care routine alone can not combat ageing, breakouts and other issues. You need to eat and drink the right way to help you get glowing, radiant and healthy skin from the inside out.


Most fruits contain high levels of antioxidants which is why we recommend consuming them for great skin. With some fruits higher in antioxidants than others we recommend, berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, goji berries), oranges, cherries, and mangos. Oranges are also a great source of Vitamin-C. As with anything in life, fruits should be consumed in moderation as they do contain large amounts of sugar.


Much like fruit vegetables contain antioxidants that help to protect your skin from free radicals in the atmosphere along with sun protection, they can not be relied on alone for protection from the sun. You should always wear SPF on your skin. Vegetables containing high levels of antioxidants include spinach, red cabbage, beetroots, kale and more. Vegetables can be consumed in higher volume than fruit as they do not contain nearly as much sugar and are often lower in calories.


We bet you didn't know chocolate can help with retaining moisture. Well Dark chocolate specifically, treat yourself and help give your skin a gorgeous glow. The higher the cacao percentage the better! Dark chocolate is also known to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, maybe the anti-ageing effects are why we crave chocolate from time to time? Dark chocolate is not everyone's cup of tea, so try and incorporate raw cacao into a smoothie or dessert.


Alcohol, in general, is not great for your skin as it is a diuretic and causes you to lose essential fluids like water and electrolytes. However, red wine is known to help with graceful ageing and when consumed in small amounts (1 glass) alongside plenty of water red wine can assist with ageing.



We mention drinking water for good skin more often than not. This helps us reinforce the importance of staying hydrated and keep your body and skin fully hydrated. This helps to create plump and glowing skin, hair and generally your whole body functioning.


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July 01, 2019

I believe


July 01, 2019

I do agree to the above as by eating well and more natural cooked or raw foods, would also enhance the elasticity of the aging skin

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