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Dry skin... we've all been there, it's downright uncomfortable and not a great look (think: flaky makeup, rough patches of skin), and if that wasn't bad enough, did you know that dry skin is also more prone to developing pesky, premature wrinkles?

Luckily however, it's not all bad news, your dry skin doesn't have to stick around and all it takes is a few small changes to your daily routine.

We get to the root of the cause below, and outline those simple steps you can take to transform your skin from desert dry to soft & supple in no time.

Do I have it? 

If your skin is super dry then you’ll likely know about it, you’ll be able to see dry patches and feel the roughness of your skin and it may even feel itchy. However, if your complexion is only moderately dry, you can identify it by assessing if you have a few of the typical characteristics. Dry skin tends to have small pores, lack of oil, a tight feel to it and you may be able to see dry patches using a magnifying glass.

If you’re still confused as to your skin type, you can run a basic at home test by simply cleansing your face and waiting about 5-10 minutes. After this time gently pat a piece of blotting paper on your face. To determine the results, hold the sheet up to the light, if there is little to no oil on the blotting sheet then you most likely have dry skin.

What’s going on? 

While it’s not exactly uncommon for genes to be the cause of dry skin, having a parched complexion doesn’t necessarily always come down to DNA. Dry skin can also be attributed to other lifestyle habits that you may not be aware of, like;

  • Long hot showers and baths - hot temperatures strip skin’s protection and long bathing washes away the natural oils that protect your skin.
  • Some synthetic materials - dry skin is prone to being irritated, so rough materials can make skin dry and itchier.
  • Soap - many soaps strip away your skins protective oils.
  • Medication - some medications - in particular acne medications like retinoids severely dry out the skin, retinoids work to almost shutdown sebum production.
  • Cool temperatures - when there is little to no humidity it can make it really hard for your skin to retain its own moisture, keep this in mind throughout the winter months!


How can I fix it?

  • Gently Does It
    Dry skin is extremely sensitive and needs very gentle treatment. Wash with a mild, soap free facial cleanser - stay away from harsh soaps as they will only dry your skin out more.

  • Moisturise, Stat
    Immediately apply a moisturiser after cleansing. The longer you wait before applying a moisturiser, the more your skin can dry out.

    By applying a hydrating lotion or cream straight after cleansing it will help to protect the skin’s barrier. It’s also great to apply the cream to damp skin because it locks in any additional hydration before it evaporates. Try a moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid, which helps skin retain water, like Dragon’s Blood Ultra Plumping Night Cream.

    If you're still feeling a little on the dry side get pampering with deeply hydrating face masks such as SUPERLIFT® Deep Hydration Lifting Masks, the microfiber face and neck masks drench skin in intensely re-hydrating levels of Hyaluronic acid.

  • Less Is More 
    Cut out excessive products. Treatments like peels and excessive exfoliation may be drying out the skin and causing more harm than good. Also, keep in mind to use fragrance free products - perfumed products can often irritate skin.

  • You Are What You Eat 
    Skin can also be healed from the inside out, try foods with healthy fats and oils to replenish moisture and keep skin supple, like avocados, coconut oil and fish.

  • Attack Wrinkles Head On 
    As mentioned earlier, dry skin is very prone to wrinkles, so try using skincare that is designed to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and tackle wrinkles head on.

    Try a product like Anti-Ageing Facial Oil: Nature’s Superoil, which boasts Cacay Oil (rich in anti ageing Retinol & Vitamin E) and Pracaxi Oil, which gives skin a 82% hydration boost!

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