Exercise is not only good for your health, fitness, and wellbeing. It can also be extremely beneficial for your skin! That smile on your face from the 'happy' feeling you get post work out due to a release in endorphins isn't the only facial benefit you will see!

Stress is a large cause of skin breakouts and other bodily inflammatory issues. As mentioned exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good resulting in a reduction or less focus on stress. So with daily exercise, you can have a less stressful life and manage your breakouts, psoriasis, eczema and more! It goes without saying that exercise alone will not treat these skin issues completely, however they can aid in improvement. If this wasn't reasoning enough you can also see glowing and radiant skin from exercising! Exercise results in perspiration which helps to clean out your skin's pores for clear and more radiant skin.

Exercise is also great for flushing out free radicals that may be present in your blood and bodily fluids. This is due to the increase in blood flow, which is also great in carrying oxygen to vital organs including the skin. A more active lifestyle can also give you an appetite for fresh, healthy and delicious foods such as fruit and vegetables which hold antioxidants that are essential for good skin.

Last but not least, everyone needs their beauty sleep! This is when the body works in repairing your skin and giving it some much needed R&R. This will help reduce the frequency and intensity of puffy eyes and face that are often due to lack of sleep. Exercise is commonly known to improve sleeping patterns and allow you to fall asleep with ease, this can be due to reduced stress levels or simply tiredness.


Exercise recommendations: 
  • Spin class (30-60mins)
  • Light jog (30-40mins)
  • Walking (40-60mins)
  • Yoga (30-80mins)
  • Pilates (40-60mins)

Let us know if you can see an improvement in your skin with exercise in the comments below.




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Benefits of Exercising for Skin
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