Here at Skin Physics we are big advocates for incorporating Avocado into your diet where you can, this is not only because they are delicious but they are rich in so much goodness it's almost like they were made for your skin. 

The little green beauties are rich in vitamins C, E & K which can help protect the skin from free radical damage, brighten your complexion, encourage cell repair and rejuvenation. A dose of Avo also contains omega-3 fatty acids which promote hydration, reduce redness and irritation while calming the skin. 

When added to a smoothie avocado gives a thick, creamy texture. 

Serve: 2 

Time: 5 minutes 


1 Avocado 

1 Cup Pineapple 

Handful of Spinach 

Squeeze of Lime 

Tablespoon of Greek, Coconut or regular yogurt.

Teaspoon of natural honey



As easy as blending in an electric mixer until smooth, pouring into a glass or bottle and enjoying!


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