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Winter can be hard on your skin, this can start at the Summer to Autumn weather change and last until spring or even longer. We want to help you get through the Winter period and come out the otherside with more radiant, gorgeous and glowing skin.  The secret to surviving Winter and having your best skin is in the 7 tips below.

1. Don't Increase the Time or Temperature of your Showers

Long and warm showers can be the best way to warm up during the cold weather. However, this will impact your skin negatively. Hot water can cause your skin to dry out and increase the risk of irritation and eczema. No one wants to put long, warm winter clothing on over dry and sensitive skin. Our tip is to keep your showers under 3 minutes and don't up the temperature.

2. Use Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is often shouted from the rooftops during summer and when your skin is exposed to the sun. It is just as important to keep up with SPF during the colder months of the year, even when you are not in direct sunlight as harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin in overcast weather and through windows.

3. Hydrate your Body

Hydration is key to keeping your skin plump and glowing throughout the whole year. This tip should carry from Summer to Winter and everything in between. Keep a drink bottle or glass of water on you during the day, water will help to flush out any nasties and keep your skin (not just on your face) healthy.

4. Use a Night Cream

A night cream will be your best friend in Winter, this skin savior will assist in locking in moisture to your skin and keeping your face fresh and smooth. We recommend our Dragons Blood Ultra Plumping Night Cream. This beauty will not only moisturise and nourish your skin but it will also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles which are often more visible during Winter.

5. Incorporate a Facial Oil

Many people are scared of facial oils as they believe it will lead to oily skin. This is not the case. The oil will help to give you a gorgeous natural glow and when absorbed into the skin overnight has an array of benefits for your skin. Oil is known to help protect your skin from the environment as is creates a protective barrier between your skin and external damage, it is also great for a boost of hydration more effective than standard creams and moisturisers. We recommend the Natures SUPER OIL packed full of rich antioxidants this product will also help to smooth, reduce blemishes and improve elasticity.

6. Keep Makeup Light

To keep your skin its best during Winter we recommend going light with makeup. Makeup can often dry out your skin and cause oiliness all at the same time, however by reducing the amount of foundation and heavy makeup products your skin can breathe which helps to reduce the risk of dry, flaky and oily skin. Avoiding full coverage, heavy foundations, and concealers and opting for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser is our best advice

7. Thorough Cleansing


Keep cleansing your skin thoroughly morning and night, this will help to remove the dry and dead skin cells from your face, along with built-up dirt. Ultimately giving you smooth, clean and radiant skin. We recommend using the Dermasonic+ for a gentle cleanse and light exfoliation.

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