We all know that skincare trends come and go, but there are a few we know we are guilty of joining in on! Let’s hope we know better now. But for old times’ sake, let’s look back on 5 skincare mistakes almost all of us made in the past – and why we’ve ditched them for good!



There’s something so satisfying about exfoliating the skin with gritty exfoliating products – sadly, this method isn’t doing your skin any favours. Abrasive exfoliators containing plastic beads or particles create micro-tears in the skin and can cause irritation and inflammation, especially to sensitive skin types or those with existing skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

This harsh method of exfoliation also removes your skin’s natural protective barrier, making you more susceptible to free radicals and environmental toxins that speed up the process of ageing. Instead, we’ve turned to AHA exfoliators, which are safe to use every day and gently work at removing dead skin cells to reveal a naturally glowing complexion. If you’re new to the AHA exfoliator game, check out ourDragon’s Blood 3 In 1 Treatment Cleanser, you can use it as a weekly exfoliating treatment by leaving it on the surface of the skin for 5 minutes before washing away! It contains a blend of natural AHA fruit extracts to effectively but gently exfoliate the skin.



Skipping out on lotions and creams is a mistake many of us have made in the past – especially oily-skinned guys and gals. This was due to the misconception that adding moisture to the skin increased the amount of oil on the skin’s surface. Since then, this myth has been debunked. In fact, we’ve found the opposite to be true – holding out on the moisturiser increases oil production, as the face begins to feel dry and compensates for this by overproducing oil. This then leads to blocked pores and breakouts. Looking for an incredible moisturiser suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin)?

Our Dragon’s Blood Facial Sculpting Gel is a fan favourite and contains an effective anti-ageing formula that helps visibly lift and firm the look of hollow and sagging skin, so you feel plump and hydrated with every use!



Sunscreen is another important skincare step many of us skipped out on in the past and only used diligently on beach days. However, we’ve since realised that this step is crucial for maintaining skin health and is a fundamental skincare step for anti-ageing (in fact, the best protection against skin ageing is a good sunscreen defense). Apply sunscreen every morning as the last step of your skincare routine to protect your skin against the sun’s harsh UV rays. Look for a sunscreen that’s non-comodegenic (so it doesn’t block your pores) and broad spectrum with an SPF of 30+ so you know your skin shielded effectively from both UVA rays (which cause premature ageing) and UVB rays (which causes sunburn).



Long gone are the days of neglecting the skin on our bodies. As a child, you probably couldn’t care less when mum hassled you to moisturise after getting out of the shower. Now it’s a different story. After realising that ashy elbows and knees and cracking skin was the result of body negligence, many of us turned to body creams, exfoliators and dry scrubbing to get rid of flakey, crepey skin and reveal a smooth and glowy complexion. Moisturising the body every day and exfoliating from time to time is important for ridding the skin of dryness. What’s even better is that the skin on your body is much less sensitive than on your face, so you’re free to experiment with heavy creams and rough exfoliators! Looking for a moisturiser that will cure crepey skin? Try out ourSUPERBODY Crepe Away. This firming and moisturising body cream is formulated to deliver a lifting effect and prevent the appearance of crepey skin!



Although this is a hard skincare habit to drop, removing all traces of makeup from your face before going to bed is extremely important for your skin’s health and a necessary step if you want to stop blemishes from forming. This happens when makeup, oil and dirt become trapped in the pores, the skin can’t breathe and recover. This is especially prevalent at night, when your body works its hardest at recovering and replenishing itself. Therefore, it is imperative to properly remove all your makeup (by double-cleaning or using makeup remover followed by a diligent cleanser), an amazing cleanser for everyday is theDragons Blood 3-in-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser, pair this with theDragons Blood Ultra Plumping Night Cream for a fresh and clean night time routine.


Are there any other skincare mistakes you’ve been guilty of in the past? Share them in the comments!

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January 25, 2019

Should I put on sunscreen before or after moisturiser?


January 22, 2019

Just wondering about the sequence for using my products?
Cleanser Dragon’s Blood
Eyefix 360
Bee Venom Anti-ageing moisturiser
Dragon’s Blood Facial Sculpting Gel
Superlift Face Lifting & Toning Cream
Dragon’s Blood Facial Sculpting Gel
Nature’s Superoil
Radiance Daily Moisturiser Spf 15
Oxygen Eye Lift Serum/ Advance Superlift Serum
Advance Superlift Serum
Face Lifting & Toning Cream
Overnight restoring & Contour Treatment Cream
Ultra Plumping Night Cream?

I am 63 in Feb and trying to improve my skin drastically before Jul 19 when I go to visit my sister (65) in the USA. I have your masks too to work on the total face and eye area too. Have the Gold mask as well.

Love the serums most of all as I can feel my skin prickle and tighten when I use them. I use the Crack Filler at least 5 times a day and hydrate the sking with water when I wash my hands. This seems to help the crack filler get fully absorbed. Cracks seem to be improving.

Your time and advise would be much appreciated. Will send this as an email to your marketing office.

Hoping for some amazing results.

Kind regards,


Rosa Yip
Rosa Yip

January 21, 2019


Gertruda White
Gertruda White

January 21, 2019

Where is my next order?

Gertruda White
Gertruda White

January 21, 2019

Love my dragons blood

Janice foster
Janice foster

January 21, 2019

I use dragons blood products excllent love it i have a regular order that is due in feb nearly ran out so waiting. I have recomended your product to all my freinds as they say my skin looks amazing thanks team.

Meagan Mcaliece
Meagan Mcaliece

January 21, 2019

Thanks guy’s appreciate all the advice and tips you pass on to us 😀

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