We all know the importance of taking off makeup before bed and carrying out a good skincare routine at the end of the day. Although it feels like our bodies shut down while we’re asleep, it’s during this time that they’re working their hardest to replenish and heal. Did you know there are a couple small extra steps you can take to help the healing process along 

Here are 5 tips that you can implement to make sure your skin is getting the most out of your skincare and you aren’t doing anything that will hinder your skin’s healing process! 


TIP 1: Double cleanse 

After a long day of sweating in your makeup, it’s incredibly important to double cleanse the skin. Oftentimes a single cleanse with a regular cleanser won’t be enough to remove all the makeup residue and properly clear out your pores. Use an oil cleanser to rid the skin of all traces of makeup, oil and dirt sitting on the surface before going in with your regular cleanser so your face is squeaky-clean. Oil cleansers are non-comedogenic and suitable for both dry and oily skin types, so you won’t have to worry about this skincare step breaking you out! It also doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils, so it’ll be left feeling soft and nourished rather than tight and dry. Trust us – this extra step will ensure your skin is clear and ready to absorb the skincare products you layer on top. You’ll see an improvement in your skin in no time! 

We Recommend: Dragon’s Blood 3-in-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser $19.95. This new and improved oil-foaming cleanser gently exfoliates with AHA fruit extracts and deeply purifies without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It contains Honey and Meadowfoam Seed Oil deeply hydrate and keep the skin soft and smooth. PLUS! It can be used as a weekly hydrating and renewing mask. Just keep on for 5 minutes before washing off to reveal a beautifully glowy complexion.  

TRY: Dermasonic+ $79.95. This palm-sized device uses sonic vibration technology to deeply cleanse and remove excess oil, grime, make-up and dead skin cells without the abrasive feeling you get from harsh scrubs and rough brush heads. The best part? Unlike regular bristle brushes, it’s made from ultra-hygienic soft-touch silicone bristles, so it’s super gentle on the skin and never needs replacing! Use the reverse side of the device to gently massage products into the skin for a deluxe facial at home! The integrated LED feature allows you to utilise LED light therapy to clear, revitalise and rejuvenate the skin. 


TIP 2: Pat dry, don’t rub 

After cleansing your face, make sure you dry off with a towel that’s clean, absorbent and gentle on the skin. Pat dry – don’t rub! Rubbing your face can cause irritation by encouraging microexfoliation and compelling existing skin problems to flare up, including acne, eczema and sunburn. Rubbing around the eye area can also encourage dark circles to form. To dodge these issues, make sure you avoid rubbing or pressing hard against the skin and be as gentle as possible (this goes for skincare application as well)! 


TIP 3: Lighter viscosity to heavier viscosity 

If you’re into the popular layering method, where several different skincare products are incorporated into your skincare regime, or even if you have a minimal skincare routine, make sure you apply lighter skincare products first, then finish off with heavier productsLeave some time in between each application for your products to absorb if you find they start pilling. Always remember to apply your lighter products first (ie toners, serums, treatments) and heavier products to follow (ie moisturisers, oils, creams). If products with a heavy viscosity are applied first, such as a rich night cream, your skin won’t be able to absorb and take advantage of the lighter products (like toners and serums) that you place on top. 


TIP 4: Use an eye cream 

Eye cream is a product many of us leave out of our skincare routines, but really shouldn’t! The skin under your eyes is extremely thin, delicate and prone to dryness. Have you ever applied a concealer only to find dry, crackingcrepey skin underneath? Chances are, your undereyes aren’t getting the TLC they deserve. Try incorporating an eye cream into your routine and you’ll see those fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles vanish in no time! Use your ring fingers to pat the product into the skin – remember to be gentle on the delicate undereye area.  

We recommend using a multi-functional eye cream like EYEFIX-360 $79. This advanced treatment formula is infused with over 16 active ingredients to fight 9 visible signs of ageing around the eye contour for instant and long-term results.  


TIP 5: Change your pillow cases 

Our bodies work their hardest at healing and replenishing at night when we’re fast asleep. But did you know that something as simple as your pillow case carries bacteria that can hinder the skin’s healing process? Pillow cases collect sweat, dirt and oil that come from your face and hair each night, which can cause acne, irritation and breakouts. Give your skin its best chance at recovery by switching out your pillow case regularly. Just throw your pillow case in with your weekly load of washing and you’ll reap the benefits in no time.  

Have you tried silk pillowcases? Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and beauty experts alike recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase to help your skin retain moisture and for its anti-ageing benefits. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic and repels dust mites and household allergens, so you don’t have to worry about breakouts and allergies caused by your pillow! 

We recommend: The Silk Effect 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases. These pillowcases are seriously luxurious and so comfortable to sleep on! They will help prevent sleep creases & fine lines, regulate body temperature keeping you will cool in summer and warm in winter, retain moisture in you hair, reducing frizziness & breakage and even extend the life of you blow dry!

Have any nighttime skincare tips of your own? Share the love and drop them in the comments below! 

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