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No matter how much time and effort you put into taking great care of your skin, most of us experience at least the occasional pimple or three. But, the reasons behind your breakout may not be as simple as a hormonal fluctuation or not washing off last night’s makeup. Here, we explore other - slightly weird and wacky - things that could be the culprit behind your latest zit.

1. You live in the big smoke 
If you live in a big city - or more specifically in a polluted area - then your skins going to be paying the price. Teeny tiny particles of dust, dirt and debris actually get suspended in the air, and these particles can make their way into your pores, blocking them and causing whiteheads. Being a city dweller, you’re much more exposed to pollution than those living in the country, or in a fresh, open area. Luckily, there's plenty of lotions and potions out there that can prevent your skin from being damaged by pollution.

Try Skin Physics Oxygen-C Super Face Serum, it contains vitamin C & clinically-proven active ingredients that play a major part in protecting skin from damaging environmental aggresors.

2. Great hair, bad skin 
So you’ve got a head full of glossy locks that would make Rapunzel jealous but your pesky pimples just won’t quit, what gives? The sulfates, moisturising agents, oils and silicones in your hair products may be blocking your pores resulting in a breakout. This is especially the case if you’re breaking out along your hairline or on your chest and back. Be sure to make sure you thoroughly wash all products off your hair and body before getting out of the shower, and tie your hair up when you can, so the oils don’t seep from your hair into your skin.

3. You're a chilli aficionado 
If you’re an extra hot kinda girl when it comes to your Nandos order, then it could be the reason behind some of the pimples that have been popping up on your face. When you eat really spicy food your body temperature rises and it’s natural inflammatory reaction is to sweat. It’s no secret that sweat can lead to breakouts and this is because sweat triggers oils to be released in the skin and those oils trap dirt and bacteria which cause acne.

4. You're too fit 
Say what?! - Fit means healthy and healthy means a glowing complexion, correct? Well, yes, working out can do absolute wonders for your skin, and your health, but the sweat your body produces when exercising, not so much.

Firstly, if you wear makeup to the gym, when your sweat tries to escape your pores it gets blocked by the makeup, causing blocked pores which - as we’ve already established - leads to zits.

Secondly, gyms are a breeding ground for bacteria. If you take a second to think about how many sweaty hands (and other body parts) have touched each of the pieces of gym equipment, it’ll have you hitting the showers, stat. But, as long as you’re showering and thoroughly washing your body post workout, you should be able to keep those breakouts at bay.

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