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We all know taking a daily dose of vitamins is important for our overall health, but they also play an important role in maintaining a healthy complexion. Our Beauty Team breaks down the top 4 vitamins you should be looking for in your skincare products, and how they'll help you achieve naturally glowing skin.


Vitamin C

While Vitamin C is commonly associated with curing the common cold, it also has a range of skin care benefits, like reducing pigmentation and discolouration, stimulating collagen and boosting elastin. Sagging skin is caused by the lack of collagen in the body and the older we get, the more our capacity to naturally produce it diminishes. This is where Vitamin C comes in - it manages to stimulate the production of collagen. Not only does Vitamin C help our skin look plump and youthful, but it also acts as a pollution barrier, protecting our skin from free radicals - so it’s best to apply in the morning for the day ahead.


Vitamin E

If you’ve got thirsty skin’s that’s crying out for moisture, a dose of Vitamin E may be exactly what you need. Vitamin E hydrates skin, helping it retain it’s natural moisture and also contains anti-inflammatories which can help prevent the early signs of ageing. In a way, Vitamin E also acts as a pollution barrier, it blocks free radicals - which play a large part in accelerating the ageing process - from entering the body. Basically, one dose of vitamin E will help moisturise your skin and grow your nails, make your lips soft and supple, heal sunburn, battle premature aging and smooth split ends!


Vitamin A

If you are part of the 70% of the population whose skin type is considered Combination, then Vitamin A will be of interest to you. An oily T-zone can be helped by upping your dose of the vitamin. Vitamin A is the nutrient that’s responsible for normalising levels of oil in the skin by causing sebaceous glands to reduce the amount of oil produced, which also reduces clogged pores.

Consumption and application of Vitamin A and retinoids (the synthetic version of Vitamin A) also stimulates collagen production, meaning a perkier and plumper complexion. "There are more than 700 published studies on retinoids—they're tried-and-true ingredients. Anyone who wants younger-looking skin should use one," says Doris Day, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center.

However, elevated levels of vitamin A can cause photosensitivity (sensitivity to the sun and UV exposure) so it’s best to apply products containing Retinoids at night time and not in excess.


Vitamin B3

While the above vitamins might be well-known for their complexion benefits, Vitamin B3 may well be the best kept secret for glowing skin. B3 has been proven to be able to reduce pigment and brown spots by preventing the transfer of pigment within the skin. The under-the-radar-vitamin has also been shown to reduce yellowing and wrinkling in skin, as well as blotchiness - all signs of ageing, resulting in smoother, more youthful and luminous skin.

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