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We thought we'd take the opportunity to share our team members favourite products and why they love them! 


Tania, 30

Favourite products: Dragon’s Blood Retinol Sleep Serum & Ultra Plumping Night Cream 

I’ve always loved the Dragon’s Blood Ultra Plumping Night Cream it’s been a staple in my skincare regime for years and the most hydrating formula I have ever tried, no matter what’s going on with my skin it’s always made it feel so fresh and hydrated and I really notice the difference if I don’t use it.

Now entering my early thirties my skincare regime predominantly focuses on prevention and I’m a huge fan of Retinol so you can imagine my excitement when we recently added the Retinol Sleep Serum to the Dragon’s Blood range! It too has now become a staple in my nightly regime before I lather on my Ultra Plumping Night Cream and my skin has never felt better. If you’re after a boost for your nightly regime I couldn’t recommend this power duo enough! 


Annika, 21 

Favourite products: Oxygen-C Vitamin C Brightening Serum & Brightening Sleep Mask








I've been obsessed with both these products right from the first sample I could get my hands on.

Our new serum is so light on the skin, it glides on with ease and absorbs within seconds leaving my skin super glowy and re-energised. It has really helped control my breakouts. I often get congested skin through the t-zone and this has been a life saver!

I started using the Sleep mask once-weekly as a little skim pick me up and now I've gone to using it every night. I apply a generous amount after cleansing and applying my serum before bed I wake up with bright, happy skin and can see a sad difference in my skin when I don't use it. I've found this is the only thick night cream/mask I can use that doesn't break out my skin and yet gives full hydration. 


Hazel, 34

Favourite Products: Dermasonic+ & EYEFIX360

I love the Dermasonic (in hot pink). The color is bursting with pure romance, lightening my everyday life. It's really a highlight among all my skin care products.

The design of the silicon makes it softer to touch, giving me a gentle feeling on my skin while being able to have a deep clean in the shower because it is water resistant. I like to use it for a nice massage to slowly rub cream and lotion on my skin as well with the anti-ageing surface. I always feel nice and shinning after using the device. The LED function is amazing too. 3 different lights help to improve the appearance of my skin issues which I haven't found in another device before. 

I also like the EYEFIX360, this product is fabulous and looks luxurious. The pump bottle design controls each dose very well. That’s really good especially for eye cream. It has no fragrance it means it’s more nature, healthy and gentle, that’s why I never get any irritation around my eyes. It absorbs really well when I apply it and keeps skin hydrated for the whole day.     


Chantelle, 32

Favourite products: Dragon’s Blood Facial Sculpting Gel & Hydration Maximiser Mask


These are my absolute go to products within our Skin Physics range! They are both so gentle on the skin (which is great for me as I have quite sensitive skin) & super hydrating which keeps my skin feeling moisturised all day long.

I use the sculpting gel every morning after cleansing my skin and before applying any makeup. It is so fresh and hydrating I just love the feel of applying this first thing in morning. Then of course the added bonus of treating the fine lines and wrinkles without even thinking about it.

I use the mask once or twice a week and prior to any outing to give my skin an extra hydration boost and dewy glow. Plus it gives me an excuse to have some ‘me’ time!


Rina, 55

Favourite Products: Advance SUPERLIFT Lifting & Firming Complex and Face Lifting & Toning Cream 

Seeming I have dry skin I always need extra hydration in my daily skincare routine, so I was very eager to try the new Superlift Serum Complex.

I was quite pleased with the results as the hyaluronic acid really moisturisers and hydrates my skin like no other. 

I really love the rich Face Cream as it keeps my skin hydrated all day helping to soothe my dryness and softens my wrinkles.

I use both products morning and night as it helps repairs my signs of ageing skin.


Sam, 23  

Favourite products: Dragon's Blood Deep Wrinkle Filler & Oxygen-C Masks

I'm a huge masker so naturally I love anything face mask, but I definitely have my favourites. The Oxygen-C Masks are a must have in my weekly routine, I like to alternate between them all, a month goes by and I usually use one each week to get through all of them. My skin gets a refreshing vitamin C boost every week which is great as I can target a range of issues with each. A little exfoliating, claming, moisturising and brightening. 

The new formula of the Deep Wrinkle FIller is amazing and has helped with my smile lines like nothing else. Although only in my 20's I find that dine lines and wrinkles have started to form around my eyes (probably from smiling too much) not that this is a bad problem to have but by applying a little everyday with the cooling applicator my eyes are less puffy and less creased. 


 Let us know in the comments below your favourite products and why! 

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May 18, 2022


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