The earth is made up of 71% water, no wonder water does amazing things for our skin and in many more ways than one. Water comes in many different forms, solid, liquid, vapour. Read on to find out the power of water and the best way to use it for your skin. 




Although you have probably heard this a hundred times swimming in the ocean is extremely beneficial for your skin. Packed full of vitamins and minerals the salt water is excellent at absorbing toxins and bacteria that is on your skin. This is one of the reasons it is great for acne prone and oily skin as salt is great at drawing out unwanted moisture from the skin, just make sure you are rinsing the salt off your skin post-swim and applying plenty of moisture. People with dry skin don’t be scared! The salt is a great exfoliator and encourages the absorption of moisture and other treatments.



Ice is utilised in many forms across the world, however, ice can be very beneficial for anti-inflammatory use on the skin. We were often told as teens to apply ice to blemishes, this is because of the anti-inflammatory benefits associated with this frozen solid. Ice is not only good for blemishes but can also help to soothe sunburns, skin swelling and help to prevent wrinkles. Although a warning for extended periods of use as you can burn your skin with ice, to stop this from happening avoid direct contact with the skin and monitor application time.


There are many health-related benefits associated with cold showers other than the effects on your skin. Cold showers are clinically proven to aid in reducing depression and anxiety as it increases the brains activity by targeting your skins key receptors. Morning is proven to be the best time to take a cool rinse although any time would still be beneficial. Aside from the health benefits cold water is amazing at closing and reducing the appearance of pores on your skin and face, as a result, it is more difficult for dirt and germs to penetrate your skins barriers.


Much like cold water is good at closing your pores steam is great at opening your pores and enabling you to loosen those pesky blackheads for easy removal and get an overall deeply cleansed face. Steam is prone to slightly drying out your skin to ensure you are not steaming daily and keep the time under a few minutes. You can steam your face using a face towel or with a bowl of hot water and a towel over your head, however, be extremely cautious and aware when steaming your face, it should not hurt or burn, if it does stop immediately as the towel or water is too hot and this could damage your skin.


We repeat this in almost every post, this is because of how important hydration is for your skin. Water makes up 60% of your body which includes your skin, the bodies biggest organ. By keeping your body and skin hydrated you encourage product absorption and nutrients being delivered to important skin cells. The glowing look doesn’t come from moisturiser and a good highlighter, you must glow from the inside out, starting with plenty of water consumption. It is recommended to drink up to 8 glasses of water a day.

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