It's time to give your skin a little TLC and we've got the perfect way to do it! This relaxing skin pampering facial is a set by step to nourish your skin and give you some much needed time out. 


Step 1 - Cleanse

We sound like a broken record with this but by double cleansing you remove built up dirt and grime and allow your products to sink into the skin uninterrupted. Dampen the face with water and massage in a 20c coin size amount of our Dragon's Blood 3-In-1 Advance Treatment Cleanser for 30 seconds. Use a warm, damp towel and gently remove cleanser and everything with it, now apply a little more cleanser and massage into the skin, rinse with warm water followed by a splash of cold water to calm the skin and close pores, pat dry. 


Step 2 - Mask 

An at-home facial wouldn't be complete without a sheet mask! Apply an Advance Superlift 3D Deep Hydration Lifting Mask onto the skin, relax for 10-15 minutes. Once you remove the mask massage the serum into skin until it has all absorbed. 


Step 3 - Serums 

Arguably the most important step in any skincare routine over the last year. Apply 2-3 drops of our Dragon's Blood Retinol Sleep Serum directly to the skin avoiding placing the dropper on the skin - Always. Gently work into the skin and let dry, then repeat with the Advance Superlift Lifting & Firming Complex. Your skin may already feel like a million dollars after this but why stop there? 


Step 4 - Moisturise

Lock in all of the goodness above with our Dragon's Blood Ultra Plumping Night Cream. Apply a generous amount to the skin and massage in, so simple yet effective. Your skin will feel tight, smooth and ultra hydrated. 


Step 5 - Eyes

Don't forget the eyes, this last step to our facial says bye bye to under eye puffiness and dark circles. Apply one little pump of our Advance Superlift Eye Contouring serum to the tip of your fingers and gently pat in an even amount on either side, not forgetting the lid. 



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