Bathrooms are typically where the magic happens when it comes to good skin, we think a well organised and comfortable bathroom makes all the difference.

There are more things your bathroom should have (obviously) however these are our 'skin' bathroom essentials. Read on for our full guide. 

Fresh towels

It is so important in a bathroom to have a good rotation of fresh towels, you may not realise but a seemingly clean towel is a haven for bacteria as it is a damp item in a warm place. This bacteria can transfer from the towel surface onto the skin and cause a whole lot of issues including breakouts or even infection. 

We recommend swapping out your towel every 1-2 showers to be sure you have a clean and dry towel to dry off with after washing your face or jumping out of the shower/bath.  


A slightly more luxurious addition to a bathroom but still completly essential in our opinion. Candles are not only great for a refreshing smell in the batharoom but also a little added relaxation. There is nothing like taking a bath or shower and popping on a face mask and lighting a candle. 

A candle, glass of wine or cup of tea and face mask is a self-care Sunday essential.  

Skin Care 

An obvious one coming from us, but a good skin care regime can be make or break for your skin. That's why we've created a variety or ranges to best tailor to your age and skin care needs. Bellow are our best selling products we recommend for all-skin types that are absolute essentials in any bathroom. 

Dragon's Blood Facial Sculpting Gel

This lightweight, silky gel-cream is designed to tighten the skin and smooth wrinkles & fine lines. The Gel forms a unique second 'skin-like' film to reinforce the skin's protective moisture barrier for instant and long lasting hydration.

Featuring the rare red serum of the Amazonian Croton Lechleri tree, also known as ‘Sangre de Drago’ (Dragon’s Blood) tree. It’s called ‘Dragon’s Blood’ because the sap oozes red when the tree bark is cut. Natives of the Amazon Rain Forest have treasured this special red sap for centuries, thanks to its impressive rejuvenating properties.

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Oxygen-C Hydrating Toner

This everyday essential helps to refresh, brighten and hydrate your skin all with one spritz, the compact and easy to use spray bottle allows for quick to wake up your skin and use all throughout to day. 

Featuring antioxidant-rich Native Australian Kakadu Plum (world’s richest source of natural Vitamin C) and the natural moisturising and antibacterial properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey this all-day hydrating toner shields against premature ageing from free radical damage caused by UV exposure.

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Foundation No More

If you're looking for effortlessly smooth, seamless, glowing and natural skin our Foundation No More is the one for you! Available in 7 shades this multi-action, full coverage BB Cream with SPF30+ perfects skin complexion by evening out skin tone, covering blemishes and reducing the look of pores.

Featuring a Hyaluronic Acid gel-film to instantly hydrate skin, combined with an anti-wrinkle peptide SNAP-8 that helps to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

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Nature's Superoil 

Made with 100% Natural ingredients this luxurious elixir works its wonders while you sleep without a greasy, shiny or heavy weight feel.  

This blend of ancient oils contains the richest natural sources of omega 3-6-9 and super antioxidants as an excellent source for the skin to deeply hydrate, protect against dryness, nourish and calm the skin; reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin blemishes, noticeable improve elasticity, firmness and smoothness of skin.

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Oxygen-C Vitamin C Brightening Sleep Mask 

Gently exfoliating overnight mask to assist in skin clarity and brightening. Infused with Native Australian Kakadu Plum (world’s richest source of natural Vitamin C), this Brightening Sleep Mask works through the night to nourish, hydrate and revive dull-looking skin for a refreshed and vibrant appearance.

Encapsulated hydrogel spheres store pure Vitamins C & E and Hyaluronic Acid, which are released upon gentle massage, bringing antioxidant protection and immediate hydration to the skin. 

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This high-performance, all-in-one anti-ageing eye treatment formula helps to correct (9) visible signs of ageing around the eye contour.

It instantly (1) smoothes, (2) hydrates (with long-term hydration) and (3) plumps to make skin visibly beautiful. Infused with luxurious white sapphires, this eye cream instantly scatters light to (4) brighten, (5) even skin tone and hide skin imperfections, Bio-active blend + peptide technology to deliver a fast acting “7 day” visible anti-aging effect on (6) wrinkles and fine lines, under-eye (7) dark circles, Botanical blend of Persian Silk extract and Holy Herb extract for 360 degree restorative (8) eye-lift around the eye with Peptide blend to help (9) de-puff the look of tired looking eyes, Soothing dose of natural Bisabolol (extract from Chamomile essential oil) and delivers the anti-ageing power of natural Retinoic acid (bio-active Vit A form) in Rosehip oil into the skin. 

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Advance Superlift 3D Deep Hydration Lifting Mask 

These beauties mould to the shape of the face, jawline and neck, for the ultimate moisture enhancing, at-home facial experience. With a unique, 3D-ergonmic contour design and infused with replenishing natural and active ingredients to help restore moisture lost in the skin. In just 10 minutes, see skin that’s smoother, wrinkles visibly reduced and elasticity recovered.

Featuring Hyaluronic acid molecules which can hold up to 1,000 times their own weight in water. The hyaluronic acid in our Masks visibly plump and re-densify skin, filling the look of wrinkles and delivering unparalleled levels of intense hydration.

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Obviously you need somewhere to store all of your skin care and beauty products, we love storage trolleys!

These beauties can be moved around your bathroom and layer for easy access to every product you need, making your morning and night routine all the more convenient and time saving. 

You can finds a number of gorgeous ones with a simple google search. 


Let us know in the comments bellow any of your bathroom essentials!



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