Choosing from the growing number of products out there can be overwhelming when you just want a simple solution to achieve younger-looking skin. There’s an extensive array of creams, serums and treatments that claim to do a million different things. If you’re feeling a little confused, the best place to start is at the baseline – do research on core ingredients and how they can benefit you – and you’ll be building a skincare regime that’s perfectly tailored to your skin type, concerns and goals! 

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own. We’re here to help! 

And we want to tell you about one of the most powerful and effective substances for glowing, youthful skin – antioxidants! 



Antioxidants are substances that remove harmful oxidising agents from the body and provide protection against free radicals. They can be found naturally in fruits (most commonly berries), vegetables, plants and so on, and are also increasingly being incorporated into skincare products.  



We are constantly exposed to harsh external factors that cause damage to the skin, including pollution, radiation, smoke and UVAntioxidants are often incorporated into skincare for their free radical-fighting properties and ability to fight cell damage caused by oxidants. So they're extremely effective in combatting several signs of ageing, including dryness, dullness, sun damage, sagging skin, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity in the skin by preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin. They protect our skin by creating a barrier that stops toxins from penetrating the dermal layer. 

Additionally, antioxidants also help with the healing process and strengthen the body’s ability to recover from damage already inflicted. They stimulate blood flow to encourage the growth of new cells to replace old cells, helping the skin stay young and healthy.  

Antioxidants also have anti-inflammatory properties useful for calming redness and irritation, so they're incredibly useful for people with sensitive skin. In addition to all of these incredible benefits, the use of this powerful substance in the long term can help heal scarring and reduce pigmentation, giving you a more even and glowy skin tone 



If you’re on the hunt for the best anti-ageing ingredients, antioxidants should be the first you turn to. You’ll quickly find this powerful substance becoming an integral part of your journey towards healthier and younger looking skin.  

Don’t know where to start? We recommend trying out our Oxygen-C Overnight Restoring Cream. This powerful face and neck restorative cream contains a Superberry Blend that’s rich in natural antioxidants for effectively moisturising and nourishing the skin - say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to plump, glowy skin! 

And don’t forget about the rest of your body! Our Crepe Away Body Lifting Moisturiser is the perfect solution for dry, dull skin. This SUPERBODY cream is formulated to deeply penetrate to deliver a “lifting effect”, combating crepey-looking skin all over the body. 

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