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Aid your skin care routine with some easy and helpful home remedies for your skin, weather you want to moisturise, detoxify or decrease inflamation and irritation we have a few easy methods. 


For moisture:

Honey – honey is a deeply nourishing and moisturising ingredients for the skin. Apply a teaspoon of honey to the skin, massage gently, leave for 5 minutes then wash off. Make sure you use raw honey to reap the benefits.

Coconut oil – use as a deeply nourishing mask for your hair. Apply generously, focusing most of the oil on the ends of your hair. Massage gently and wrap up into a high bun. Leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing out completely.


For detoxification:

Lemon – squeeze some lemon into a glass of water in the morning and consume. This will help the body detox first thing in the morning, and start reducing skin inflammation. In the evening, add lemon to a mug of warm water or tea to help with digestion.

Garlic – garlic is a blood cleanser and natural antibiotic, making it great for detoxing. To avoid the lingering smell of garlic breath, cut the clove lengthways and remove the “heart” before consuming.


For acne, irritation & inflammation:

Aloe vera – aloe vera is an incredibly soothing ingredient and commonly used for sunburn and to reduce texture, such as small bumps on the skin . If accessible, use fresh aloe vera from an aloe vera plant as a mask, spreading the juice over the face and leaving for 10 minutes before washing off. You can also purchase aloe vera gel (look for 100% pure aloe vera gel).

Green tea – chilled green tea bags are excellent to depuff eyebags. Save the tea bags after making a pot of tea and refrigerate overnight. Immediately after removing from the fridge, rest the teabags under your eyes for 5 minutes to get rid of that extra puffiness in the mornings!


Share some of your personal favourite home remedies with us in the comments bellow. 

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