Eyes are a real age giveaway. The areas surrounding your eyes are the most fragile parts of your skin. They’re prone to dryness, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Each restless night, each small movement enhances these issues, making eye cream a vital part of your daily skincare regime. Keep people guessing with these failsafe tricks to smooth, brighten and de-puff.
  1. Cut the salt.

    Reduce your sodium intake. It’s one of the most common causes of under eye swelling. Celeb make-up artists recommend no salty foods the day before a shoot – and to sleep on an extra pillow to avoid fluid retention build-up and even better add silk case!

  2. Tea time.

    Apply chilled, soaked tea bags under eyes for 1 minute to reduce morning swelling. It’ll help shrink blood vessels fast. Alternatively, cool a teaspoon in the freezer and place the back of the spoon on swollen lids with a little pressure to de-crease puffiness.

  3. Invest in a good eye cream.

    Including an eye cream in your regimen may be the most important step to looking your youngest. Unlike the rest of your face, the skin around your ageing eyes doesn’t have oil or sweat glands to provide surface moisture. So maintaining hydration is vital. We love Advance SUPERLIFT Eye Contouring Serum because it’s packed with super-hydrating active ingredients designed to nourish and protect the delicate skin around the eye (including the upper and lower eye lid) for a 360-degree approach, to help lift and revive the look of droopy eyes.

  4. Don’t scrub or rub.

    Be very careful when removing your make-up. Rubbing roughs up skin's capillaries and can lead to dark circles or make existing ones worse. Squinting also means crow’s feet, so it’s also vital to get regular eye tests at the opticians.


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September 22, 2020

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Norma Malone
Norma Malone

February 03, 2020

Amazing coincidence .. I was going to get in touch this a.m because of the BURNING STING which makes me cry out when I’ve sprayed Oxygen C toner on my face and it penetrates my EYES. I’ve tried covering each eye with my fingers but it still runs down from my forehead into them. So I wonder if I may return one unopened pack of this and perhaps swap it for another cream as it’s far too dangerous for me to continue spraying. Your hint about chilled teaspoons is BRILLIANT.

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