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When it comes to makeovers, most people focus on the external transformation with a new wardrobe, new hairstyle and a whole new makeup look but what about your skin?

Sometimes you don’t need much to transform your look, start with a beautiful base and give your skin a makeover with simple tweaks you can do at home to really change the appearance of your skin.


Brighten Dull Skin

The biggest improvement you can make to your skin is to brighten a dull complexion.

Build-up of dead skin cells and even uneven pigmentation in the skin can leave your skin looking dull and lack-lustre. Bring back your inner glow with a light exfoliating cleanser like Dragon’s Blood 3 in 1 Treatment Cleanser

The 3 in 1 Treatment Cleanser starts as a serum and transforms into a beautifully-light, silky foam when blended with water.  The gentle exfoliation from this product is created from a blend of 7 natural AHA fruit extracts making it powerful yet gentle enough for daily use.

For an added luminous glow, try Oxygen-C Super Serum which contains naturally powerful ingredients such as wild indigo to brighten a dull and uneven complexion and an essential mineral blend to rapidly infuse oxygen to re-energise the skin, followed with Oxygen-C Brightening Daily Moisturiser, containing the brightening power of Vitamin C from the Australian Native Kakadu Plum. 


Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles

If you have maturing skin, then you’ve probably struggled with the reality of fine lines and wrinkles.

For a dramatic difference in the overall appearance of your skin, smooth your existing fine lines and wrinkles with a powerful anti-ageing formula like the Advance SUPERLIFT Face Lifting & Toning Cream. This multi-action cream contains minerals, peptides and botanical actives to help recover the ‘triangle of beauty’ for a tighter, smoother looking complexion.


For an added hydrating & plumping effect, treat your skin to a SUPERLIFT 3D Deep Hydration Lifting Mask. These unique microfibre masks mould to the shape of your face, jawline and neck, for the ultimate moisture enhancing, at-home facial experience with hyaluronic acid to help restore your skins moisture, elasticity and bounce.


Flawless Undereye

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram and wondered how celebrities achieve such a smooth and bright undereye area while you’re left with deep, dark rings around your eyes look no further.

Achieving a bright, flawless undereye doesn’t have to be a skin makeover exclusive to those with a big bank account.

For a visible difference in the appearance of dark, puffy undereye bags and wrinkles try EYEFIX-360, this high-performance eye treatment formula contains over 16 active ingredients to help correct 9 visible signs of ageing around the eye contour .

Give your eye contour an extra boost once a week with Total 360 Eye Revive Mask. Coated with a Gel made from Glucomannan (derived from Konjac) & other plant fibers to provide immediate hydration relief and refresh the appearance of the eyes, the rejuvenating mask is enriched with hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate, Phyto-Collagen and anti-ageing ingredients, Beautifeye™ & Eyeliss™ Peptide complex for a 360-degree eye care solution. 

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