Inflammation can be combatted by a good diet and skincare.

Products to Soothe Inflammation

Antioxidant rich products help to fight free radicals that can damage the skin and cause inflammation. Antioxidants found within vitamin-C aids in skin lightening and soothing the skin which can reduce inflamed skin.
We recommend the New Oxygen-C range that is packed full of Vitamin C from the Australian Native Kakadu Plum, which hold up to 100x more Vitamin C than found an orange.

See here: New Oxygen-C Range 

The Nature's SUPEROIL is another great option for nourishing and preventing inflamed skin. The nourishing combination of ancient oils including Arctic Seaberry Oil, Cacay Oil, Australian Sandalwood Oil, and Pracaxi Oil calms irritated skin while hydrating, soothing and smoothing the skin, perfect for fighting inflammation within the skin and creating a bright complexion.

See here: Nature's SUPEROIL 

Soothing masks are a great option to quickly replenish the skin and act as a great anti-inflammatory. Try the Dragons Blood Hydration Maximiser Soothing Gel Mask, this will help to restore lost moisture and contains a unique Multi-Herbal Complex of 7 Plant Extracts that significantly calm and soothe skin 

See Here: Dragons Blood Hydration Maximiser Soothing Gel Mask

What To Avoid

Steer clear of processed foods with high levels of salt and saturated fats as these inflame your body and skin. Say no to fast food, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, and excessive vegetable and seed oils. Also, avoid high levels of sugar present in sweet treats, fruit can be a good alternative and can have the opposite effect.

Anti-inflammatory Salad Recipe 

  • A drizzle of Olive oil
  • 2 cups baby spinach
  • 1/4 Red onion chopped
  • Small handful of slithered Almonds
  • Cooked tuna either fresh or canned (flavour of your choice)

Add ingredients together and salt & pepper to taste (easy on the salt)

After eating your salad a handful of blueberries are a great way to fill your body with natural anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

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