Your skin can greatly benefit from exfoliation as it helps to remove unwanted dead skin cells, improves uneven skin and also allows beauty products to penetrate the surface of your skin and leave a radiant, moisturised complexion.

1. Don't choose an exfoliator with microbeads

Exfoliators with microbeads can often do more harm than good to your skin. The small and tough balls rub against your face and don't break down, this causes them to create small tears on the skin resulting in aggravation and damage.

2. Do use a gentle exfoliating device with your usual cleanser

Opt for a gentle exfoliating device instead of a harmful and harsh exfoliant. Our Dermasonic+ device offers effective exfoliation with the small silicone bristles that gently pulsate and remove excess dirt, oil, grime, leftover makeup, and dead skin cells. The Dermasonic+ works best when paired with either our Dragons Blood 3-In-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser or our Oxygen-C Brightening Foaming Cleanser.

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3. Do use the dermasonic+ cleanser every day & Don't use standard exfoliators more than once a week.

Our Dermasonic+ is gentle enough to use daily or twice daily when washing your face, however, if you are using or going to use a standard exfoliator we recommend only picking it up once per week. This allows for adequate cleaning but doesn't over-exfoliate your skin and gives it time to heal over the week. Too much exfoliating can often cause redness and sensitivity in the skin. (Still avoid microbeads in exfoliating products.)

4. Do try a weekly exfoliating mask

We all know face masks can do wonders for our skin! We recommend trying an exfoliating face mask once per week or month to help detoxify and clean your skin. Try our Oxygen-C Gentle Vitamin-C Exfoliating Mask which offers a unique fabric mask to deliver a gentle exfoliating complex containing Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, and Polyhydroxy Acid to the skin to remove dead skin cells and promote skin renewal, revealing brighter looking skin. Salicylic Acid helps unclog pores and reduce redness and inflammation along with Tea Tree Oil with its known antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that can help clean out bacteria from clogged pores. Added Vitamin C, Cucumber and Olive Fruit extract helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and luminosity.
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5. Do Moiturise after exfoliating

To give your skin all the hydration and nourishing possible, moisturise and apply your beauty products after exfoliating as the skin is clear and unclogged and the products will penetrate the skin better offering revitalised and rejuvenated skin.

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