We often get the question "What range is best suited for my skin?" If you are 50+ we recommend Advance SUPERLIFT as the best option for your skin. This range is formulated especially for mature skin to address the concerns of hydration & elastin breakdown - the main cause of visible signs of ageing such as sagging & dropping.

In youth, high cheekbones and a defined chin and jawline form the desired 'triangle of beauty'. As we age, skin loses firmness and elasticity diminishes, inverting the triangle.  Each unique formula is infused with fat burning ingredients, anti-gravity actives and nourishing super food extracts to visibly tone, lift, and contour loosening and fragile skin. 


The Range:



This nourishing, anti-gravity formula redefines facial contours, lifting & firming the skin for a tighter, smoother looking complexion. The Multi-action, anti-ageing moisturiser combines an infusion of minerals, peptides and botanical actives to help recover the skins 'triangle of beauty'. 

Massage into clean, dry skin every morning and evening, avoiding contact with eyes. 

Main benefits? 

  • Lift & Define Facial Contours - Gravity control peptide Idealift lifts sagging skin of the lower face strengthening the natural production of elastin to promote a noticeable facial contouring effect. Edelweiss plant cell extract helps to lift skin of the upper areas of the cheeks and smooth the apperance of crow's feet wrinkles for an enhanced lifted skin apperance. 
  • Smooth Lines & Wrinkles - Argreline peptide visibly relaxes wrinkles and expression lines, while a boosting mineral complex of magnesium, zinc & copper provides an immediate oxygen-boost to energise and revitalise the skin for a smoother texture. 
  • Long-Lasting Hydration - Unique 24hr moisture lock complex provides immediate and long-lasting hydration for a healthy complexion. 



This powerful, multi-action formula targets the special needs of the neck, chin, jawline and chest, visibly toning and firming the fragile skin of the neck, and lifting the appearance of a sagging jawline and double chin. The richly dense cream helps improve elasticity and resilience. 

Apply to cleansed skin morning and evening, use upward stroked across the neck, chin, chest and jawline. 

Main benefits? 

  • Lift & Tighten Sagging Skin - Edelweiss plant cell extract tightens the look of sagging skin of the neck by revitalising the skin from loss of collagen and elastin that occrs with ageing, and protects the integrity of skin firming proteins. 
  • Firm, Tone & Shake Neck Contours - Award winning Actigym marine extract provides a unique firming action by exercising the skin ti revitalise and visibly reshape the look of maturing neck contours and double-chin for a visibly toned appearance, while the Elastic-lift peptide complex with Crocus Chrystanthus Flower Extract recovers and promotes communication in ageing skin promoting a 'collagen-lift' effect for a visibly firmer appearance. 
  • Strengthen & Support Natural Elastin Production - Idealift supports and strengthens the natural production and assembly of elastin to help restore the skin's youthful suppleness and bounce. Hailed as the 'gravity control' peptide, it fights against skin sagging and improves resistance to gravity. 



Gentle & nourishing formula scientifically designed to target visible signs of fatigue and ageing for treatment of the eye contour. The Total Serum works in a 360-degree approach, to help lift and revive the look of droopy eyes. The potent formula fortifies the delicate skin around the eyes to reduce the appearance of lines & crow's feet wrinkles, noticeably lift & firm sagging upper eye lids, brighten dark circles and reduce-puffy eye bags for a refreshed, radiant and youthful appearance. 

Smooth serum into clean, dry skin around the eye contour until absorbed. Use morning and night. 

Main benefits? 

  • Visibly Lift Upper Eye Lid Hooding & Reduce Crow's Feet Wrinkles - Award-winning Persian Silk Tree Extract significantly increases the production of collagen and elastin to strengthen the skin's dermis, producing a visible lifting effect on sagging upper eyelids and reducing the appearance of crow's feet wrinkles. 
  • Combat Dark Circles - A unique blend of Marine Algae Extracts soothe stressed skin and strengthen fragile skin around the eye to visibly reduce dark circule, while Persian Silk Tree Extract significantly fades dark circles by decreasing the intensity of the red & blue colouring of dark circles. 
  • Reduce Under Eye Puffiness - Multi-acting Peptide Complex helps to prevent and fight puffy eye bags by reducing blood vessel leakage and stimulating lymphatic drainage, with a visible decongestant effect & smoothing of the eye. 
  • Reduce Redness & Uneven Skin Tone - Rhamnose Surgar Soothes irritated skin reducing redness and Australian Native Kakadu Plum visibly improves overall tone for more radiance. 



This unique mask moulds to the shape of your face, jawline and neck, for the ultimate moisture enhancing, at-home facial experience. With a 3D-ergonomic contour design and infusion of replenishing natural and active ingredients to help restore moistuire lost in the skin. In just 10 minutes, see skin that is smoother, wrinkles visibly reduced and elasticity recovered.  

Thoroughly cleanse face and neck and pat dry, remove from package place on face and smooth bubbles. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Repeat weekly with new mask. 

 Main benefits? 

  • Restore Moisture & Elasticity - The microfiber masks deliver intensely re-hydrating levels of Hyaluronic Acid into the skin to restore lost moisture and recover the skin's youthful suppleness. 
  • Visibly smooth & Plump Skin - 3D plumping spheres deliver a high dose of Hyaluronic Acid into the skin, unravelling within to plump-out wrinkles and lines for a visibly smoother appearance. 
  • Smooth & Tone - The antioxidant power of Natural Witch Hazel Extract soothes skin & gently tightens pores. 

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Anita Kumar
Anita Kumar

October 24, 2020

I like this product’s

Anita Kumar
Anita Kumar

October 24, 2020

I like this product’s

Anita Kumar
Anita Kumar

September 21, 2020

please inform me when this product are on sale.
Regards Anita

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