With the weather starting to warm up and Spring in full swing you may be feeling your sweat and oil glands start to kick in, this can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to clean, clear skin. We are here to let you know it's not as hard as you may think to stay on top of, especially if you prevent the issue rather than treat it. 

There is nothing worse than having congested, uneven, and bumpy skin all year round let alone in the warmer months when you want to let your skin breathe. Follow out 6 helpful tips to clear and prevent congestion. 

1.Double Cleanse

We sound like a broken record with this one but Double Cleansing is imperative to good skin regardless of congestion, however, it is a step in the right direction to keep it at bay. When you wash your face the first cleanse removes any excess dirt, grime, leftover makeup, and sunscreen from the day. The second cleanse then cleans your skin, this removes excess oil from the skin and helps lift any breakouts of congestion. This step is also important as it creates a clean base for your skincare to absorb into the skin. Cleanse once in the AM and Twice for PM. 


Exfoliating is another big yes for preventing and treating congested skin. When we say exfoliating we don't mean those nasty little beads that tear and damage your skin, we are talking chemical exfoliates and gentle exfoliating masks. These give you a deeper and more effective exfoliation less the damage. This should be done at least once weekly to maintain clean, clear skin. We love the Oxygen-C Vitamin C Exfoliating Mask

3. Go Easy 

We are here for laying products however if you see that bumps or uneven and congested skin is becoming an issue especially in younger skin it may be time to go back to the basics. It can be as simple as not applying half a tub of moisturiser every night and following the recommendations of 'pea' size amounts. If you are starting to see congestion, don't use moisturiser or cream as this can make it worse and lead to overworking oil glands. We recommend opting for a light layer or pea-size amount of Serum and/or Night Cream on freshly washed skin at night and of a morning stick to a day cream and SPF. 

4. Tone Your Skin

Toners are a great way to refresh and hydrate the skin. Our Oxygen-C Hydrating Vitamin C Toner is non-comedogenic which means it will not clog pores or cause congestion. This beauty also features Manuka Honey which contains anti-bacterial properties, great for preventing a bacteria build up on the skin which is a big cause for little bumps on the surface of the skin. The spray mist feature of this toner means you don't need to touch your face and limits the possibility of transferring germs to the skin. Kakadu Plum shields against premature ageing from free radical damage caused by UV exposure.

5. Keep Your Hands Off

Your hands can have millions of bacteria at any one point resting on them, this is why it is so important to limit touching your face day to day. As mentioned above bacteria is a big no-no when it comes to clear skin. The harmful particles can sit on the skin surface and cause small bumps and uneven skin to form as a reaction. If your hands need to go anywhere near your face for washing or applying products make sure to wash your hands thoroughly beforehand. 

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Melanie Downey
Melanie Downey

September 07, 2020

love skin physics neck cream. Down to my last jar. Any special s coming up. Do any of your creams prevent dark spots on face(age spots)?


September 07, 2020

24Kgold PeelOff Mask? When is it back on the shelves please

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