Supersculpting Massager

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- Twin Ball Revitalising Massager
- Uniquely Designed for Hot & Cold Massage of the Face, Neck & Body
- Two Heat Levels

This unique massager is designed for hot and cold massage treatment of the Face and Body areas, including the jaw line, neck, hands, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and legs.

The Super Sculpting Massager is recommended after applying any of the Skin Physics® skincare products to optimise delivery of actives contained in these formulas into the skin of the targeted face and/or body area.


    1. Remove the battery cover by sliding down from the triangle mark of the main body, insert 2x AA batteries To start dersired level of hot massage application:
    2. Level 1
      (i) Hold the switch button for about 3 seconds. An orange LED indicator light will turn on. In about 2 minutes the massager will sound a beeping noise indicating a massage heat level of 36-39 degrees has been reached.
      (ii) Begin massage by using gentle, upward lifting movements for the face and neck. Use an up-down movement for the legs and other body areas.
    3. Level 2
      (i) For a higher heat application depress the switch button again which turns on a red LED light. A beeping noise indicates a massage heat level of 39-41 degrees has been reached.
      (ii) Massage the face and body areas as described above.
    4. The device will automatically power off after 6 minutes of activating it for a hot massage.
    5. A Low voltage beeping sound indicates time to replace batteries.
    6. For cold application, use without turning on the device and massage for any desired length of time.
    7. CAUTIONS Avoid direct application to the eye and upper/lower eyelids. Do not use the massager on infected, damaged or broken skin.
    8. MAINTENANCE Keep the metal massage balls clean by wiping with a soft damp cloth and store dry. Do not immerse the device in water.

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