Dragon's Blood Daily Regime

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Our Dragon’s Blood formulas are infused with a blend of effective skin rejuvenators that help to visibly smooth out fine lines and deep wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, redefine the appearance of sagging contours, visibly improve elasticity, and protect from the elements.

Dragon's Blood Daily Regime Kit Includes:

  1. 1x 3-in-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser – a blend of nourishing AHA fruit extracts packed into one silky cleansing treatment
  2. 1x Facial Sculpting Gel – visibly plumps, lifts, firms and contours the skin for a more refreshed and youthful appearance. So effective, 79% of our customers agree they’d delay a surgical facelift.
  3. 1x Radiance Daily Moisturiser SPF 15– packed with antioxidants and designed to combat the effects of the five main causes of premature ageing.
  4. 1x Ultra Plumping Night Cream – 3D Plumping Spheres deliver high doses of Hyaluronic Acid to plump-out wrinkles, smooth facial lines and firm the skin.

"Cosmetic surgery worth results, no needle required" HARPER'S BAZAAR

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  • Application

    1. Cleanse with 3-in-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser. Massage onto damp skin for 30 seconds, rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry. For a weekly exfoliating treatment, leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing.

    2. Apply an even layer of Facial Sculpting Gel to dry skin. Apply liberally in upward strokes over face and neck area. Allow to absorb for 1-2 minutes.

    3. Use Radiance Daily Moisturiser SPF 15 every morning daily. Apply to face, neck, and décolletage. Allow to absorb fully before layering make- up.

    4. Ultra Plumping Night Cream is the last step. Apply a thick layer to cleansed skin before bedtime. For a total skin transformation layer over Facial Sculpting Gel and Deep Wrinkle Filler and awake to rejuvenated skin. 


    Dragon’s Blood Facial Sculpting Gel’s prized ingredient is the rare red serum of the Amazonian Croton Lechleri tree, also known as ‘Sangre de Drago’ (Dragon’s Blood) tree. It’s called ‘Dragon’s Blood’ because the sap oozes red when the tree bark is cut. Natives of the Amazon Rain Forest have treasured this special red sap for centuries, thanks to its impressive rejuvenating properties. 

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