Brighten, Lift & Rejuvenate Serum Trio

The perfect addition to any skincare regime, these powerful fomulations will help to brighten, lift, hydrate and rejuvenate skin for a healthy and youthful appearance.

1x Vitamin C Brightening Serum
Antioxidant and Vitamin-rich brightening complex helps protect against UV-induced skin damage, visibly reduces the appearance of blemishes and improves skin tone for a fresh and radiant appearance. 

1x Retinol Sleep Serum
Gently exfoliates to promote skin renewal. Antioxidant & mineral-rich formula improves skin tone and re-energises skin for a smooth, bright and revitalised appearance.

1x Lifting & Firming Complex
Advanced anti-ageing complex works to restore skin firmness & elasticity, improving the appearance of deeper wrinkles and sagging contours for a complete v-shape recovery.


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