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With the launch of our new BB Cream Foundation No More we thought we would give you the perfect regime for a skin refresh. Keep it natural or build coverage, it's completely up to you!

Step 1 - Oxygen-C Brightening Foaming Cleanser

Remove dirt, excess oil and detoxify impurities with the oil-free cleanser. Starting any regime or routine with fresh, clean skin is essential to enable the absorption of creams, serums, and oils and creating a base for makeup. This foaming cleanser contains antioxidant-rich Native Australian Kakadu Plum (world’s richest source of Vitamin C) and the excellent moisturising and antibacterial properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera (Gel) Juice to help support your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Massage one pump onto damp skin, rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry. Cleanse twice at night and once in the morning. This step can also be done with the Dragons Blood 3-in-1 Advanced Treatment Cleanser.

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Step 2- Nature's Superoil

This step is optional, however for individuals with dry or inflamed skin we recommend using a drop of our Nature's Superoil morning and night as this blend of ancient oils contains the richest natural sources of omega 3-6-9 and super antioxidants as an excellent source for the skin to deeply hydrate, protect against dryness, nourish and calm the skin; reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin blemishes, noticeable improve elasticity, firmness, and smoothness of skin.

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Step 3 - Dragons Blood Facial Sculpting Gel

Tighten, define, smooth and tighten your face with our cult favourite Dragons Blood Facial Sculpting Gel. The Gel forms a unique second 'skin-like' film to reinforce the skin's protective moisture barrier for instant and long-lasting hydration. This daily essential gives you the ultimate refreshed complexion. Apply a 20cent piece size in the morning after cleansing or oil, replace this step with the Dragons Blood Ultra Plumping Night Cream in the evening.

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Step 4 - Advance SUPERLIFT Eye Contouring Serum

Don't forget about the eyes! This essential fights all the visible signs of fatigue and ageing, for a complete treatment of the eye contour. Sooth puffiness, improve dark circles and lift droopy eyes with the unique formula.

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Give your skin an even, smooth, hydrated and luminous complexion with our new Full Coverage BB Cream featuring SPF30+ and anti-wrinkle peptide technology. Available in 7 different shades this unique product helps to reduce redness and soothe the skin all while protecting and perfecting it!

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Step 6- Oxygen-C Vitamin C Hydrating Toner

Developed with antioxidant-rich Native Australian Kakadu Plum (world’s richest source of natural Vitamin C) and the natural moisturising and antibacterial properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey. Keep your makeup and skin fresh all day long by applying a few sprays of this hydrating toner after applying our Foundation No More BB Cream and refresh throughout the day as necessary.

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Step 7- Finishing Touches 


Finally apply a small amount of bronzer, blush, mascara, a nude or pink lipgloss and brush your eyebrows. Let your skin shine! 

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Barbara O'Rourke
Barbara O'Rourke

March 02, 2020

I am using the oxegenC cleanser – I am 63 years old with an oily T section of the face and milli (whiteheads) I am looking for hydration without blocking my pores Please advise a suitable regime

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