Cleaners, oils, serums, moisturisers, day creams, night creams, eye creams… they’re all products we know we should be using, but in what order? If you’re confused, then don’t worry - you’re definitely not alone.

With seemingly endless options, skin care routines can sometimes become overwhelming. So, to make the process a little easier we’ve put together a list of what products you should be using and in what order, because after all, who wants to sacrifice their beauty sleep to spend time debating whether to use a serum or moisturiser first?!

First and foremost, it’s vital to start your skin care both your morning and night routine off with a clean slate.

AM : While, you may have (should have!) already cleansed the night before, you’ll need to clean off the bacteria that’s accumulated on your skin overnight, as well as the facial creams you likely slathered on before you hit the hay the previous night, so a lighter cleanser will be suitable.

PM : In the eve you’ll most likely be removing a face full of makeup and skin care products as well as pollution accumulated from the day, so try a cleanser that focuses on deep cleaning and nourishment. 

We recommend Dragon's Blood 3-in-1 Treatment Cleanser ($19.95) - Packed with 7 natural AHA fruit excracts, rejuvenating Dragon's Blood and soothing Honey, to leave skin feeling soft & hydrated -wthiout stripping the skin of natural moisture.
The purpose of serum is to deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin to boost its health and appearance thanks to it’s high concentration of active ingredients. As damp skin is ten times more penetrable than dry skin, apply your serum straight after cleansing, before your face is fully dry.

AM: A protective serum is a great choice for your morning routine as it will help reduce damage from daily pollution.

PM: Night time is the perfect time to use an age-correcting serum. As we sleep the skin begins it’s natural process of repairing itself, something an anti-ageing serum will complement perfectly.

We recommend Oxygen-C Super Serum ($69.00) - This super concentrated crème serum rapidly infuses oxygen to re-energise the skin, counters the effects of stress on the skin and provides immediate and advanced age correcting benefits for 8 visible signs of ageing Wrinkles/Lines, Texture (Dry, Rough Skin), Uneven & Dull Complexion, Dark Spots, Redness, Sagging Skin.

The fragile skin around the eyes and constant movement mean that it’s prone to showing ageing and fatigue - so eye cream is a skin care must.

AM: Try an eye cream that’s high in antioxidants. This will protect your eye area from day to day pollution and the environmental free radical damage.

PM: In the eve try using a richer eye cream, this will provide essential hydration required to help halt fine lines and produce skin plumpness. 

We recommend Advance SUPERLIFT ® Eye Contouring Serum - Scientifically designed to fight all the visible signs of fatigue and ageing, for a complete treatment of the eye contour. Developed especially for mature skin, it fortifies delicate skin around the eye (including the upper and lower eye lid), for a more refreshed, radiant and youthful appearance.
Moisturising not only protects and hydrates the skin, but it also acts as a sealant, keeping in the other ingredients you’ve already applied so that your skin can receive full nourishment.

AM: Though it depends on your individual skin, as long as your skin isn’t super dry its usually wise to reach for a more lightweight moisturising cream for the day, that way you can put on makeup without it feeling too greasy and sliding off.

PM: Like serums, night time is a great time to choose an age-correcting moisturiser or night cream. Choosing a heavier night cream is a good idea to provide your skin with properly hydrating benefits as you sleep.

For the day time we recommend Advance SUPERLIFT ®Face Lifting & Toning Cream ($79.00) -   A multi-action anti-ageing, moisturising treatment that contains minerals, peptides and botanical actives to help recover the ‘triangle of beauty’. This innovative, anti-gravity formula nourishes skin for a tighter, smoother looking complexion.

For night time we recommend Oxygen-C Overnight Restoring & Contour Treatment Cream ($79.00) - This soft, lightweight cream works to support the skin’s natural, night-time repair process to recover the skin’s lost moisture, firmness, elasticity and tone so that you awake to a restored, youthful-looking complexion and a more lifted, defined contoured appearance of the face and neck.
STEP 5: FACIAL OIL (for the oil lovers!) 
If you're a lover of facial oils then you should be applying this after your moisturiser. Oils can penetrate moisturiser, but not vice versa, and they also provide a moisturising barrier to lock in all the goodness underneath! So make sure you always apply oil after you moisturise, to prevent your moisturiser from going to waste.

AM: Use a smaller amount of oil in your AM skin care routine so that your face isn’t an oil slick all day long. Around 2-3 drops massaged into skin should suffice.

PM: Night time is when you can use a little more oil on your skin and let your complexion reap the benefits, like hydration and elimination of fine lines. 

Beauty Tip: If you'ra a night cream devotee add a few drops of oil to your night cream for an extra hydration boost.

We recommend Nature's SUPEROIL ($69.00) - A 100% Natural blend of ancient oils containing the richest natural sources of omega 3-6-9 and super antioxidants as an excellent source for the skin (face, neck, hands, décolletage) to: deeply hydrate, protect against dryness, nourish and calm the skin; reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin blemishes, noticeable improve elasticity, firmness and smoothness of skin.
The last step of your skincare routine is slip, slop and slapping. But, sunscreen prevents other ingredients from penetrating, so alway apply it after your other skin products otherwise it will render them worthless.

AM: Obviously sunscreen only needs to be used in the day time when UV rays are present. Wait until the rest of your skin care products have dried and absorbed - about ten minutes - and apply generously - never skimp on SPF!

We recommend Dragon's Blood Radiance Daily SPF  ($39.95) - The soothing properties of Dragon's Blood make this moisturiser ideal for tired and stressed skin. It defends against visible signs of accelerated ageing from environmental stressors and sun damage. SPF 15 shields against UVA/UVB. Used daily it neutralises damaging free radicals, while delivering a steady dose of deep moisturisation

Once or twice a week take a 30 minute time out and treat your skin to a mask - or two! it's not only relaxing, the wide range of targeted masks on the market can accelerate the performance of your skincare or treat seasonal skin problems. Deep hydration, lifting, brightening, firming, detoxifying, cleansing - whatever your concern may be - there is a mask out there for you!

Check out our range of unique mask technologies HERE.

Hot Tip: On those extra hot days pop your mask in the fridge 15 minutes before application for an extra cool, soothing dose of relaxation.

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